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Kids & Teens

Our Vision

The vision of One Kids is to equip the children with the knowledge of God and help them confidently apply it in order to improve life skills that will better prepare them to set a standard in their everyday life.

0-3 Years Little Explorers:

Little Explorers, Trailblazers, Golden Stars, Blooms Greenhouse, Fusion

Here, we introduce our kids to Jesus through creative play and visual resources which contains all the posters and storytelling figures in order to enhance our Bible storytelling, as well as show them scenes from everyday life. We also play DVDs of cartoons and musical videos, audio CDs for the kids to giggle, wiggle, run and sing and so on.

4-6 Years Trailblazers:

Here, we explore games and songs to support bible lessons. We continue with crafts and activities from earlier classes, that are simple yet meaningful. We provide a feel-good atmosphere that children love boosting self-confidence among them.

7-9 Years Golden Stars:

In this class, we dig into God’s word to create deeper bible experiences with our young ones. This makes the Bible fun and helps them build a good Bible reading culture. It is a very “hands on” class with a lot of “group buzz” that helps them value teamwork and build relationships.

10-11 Years / Blooms

As the name suggests, we are encouraging our children to solidify their walk in God by nurturing them in readiness for their teenage years. They are conditioned to understand unconditional love, etiquette and personal space.

12-17 Years Fusion:

In Fusion, we foster growth and fellowship; we believe it is of utmost importance that our teens are led to grow their relationships with Jesus Christ through prayer and study. We create a strong and healthy social setting and help our teens deal with the many pressures they encounter in their daily lives.